Pilates classes work on the deep core muscles surrounding the vertebrae and the stabilising muscles throughout the whole body.


Waking up the stabilising muscles, not only helps support you through your joints to help reduce the risk of injury, but aids efficiency of movement.           


Through Pilates we focus on body awareness and control of movements, also encouraging mindfulness.


Pilates can be great for those who want to get a little more out of their active holiday, or reach the next level in their chosen sports.


It is a great activity to gently wake up the muscles needed for skiing, mountain biking or running to name a few, before heading up the hill in the morning; or to use as a long term training tool to iron out any imbalances.

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Ladies Cycling Weekend

Chamonix & Morzine Ladies cycling weekend with 44 South Morzine. The Ladies getting prepared for the next 80km ride.


Mountain Pilates

Winter Pilates classes running regularly. Message for details. 

Great fun today with this bunch of nut b

Fun days up the hill

Great fun this summer cycling and doing pilates with the Chamonix and Morzine crew.

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Available at your chalets

getting set up ready for the cycling enthusiasts.

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Pre-season Pilates

Sport specific pilates classes


Fun days up the hill

helping you make the most of your time here