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Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Over the past couple of years, I have been lucky enough to be supported by Seafoam Bikinis. If you don’t know who they are, you should do!!

Seafoam is an online shop which imports loads of different brands of beautiful yet extreme sport suitable bikinis into the UK. This enabling reasonably priced #surfkini wear in the UK! Winner!!

I know we don’t really get much chance to surf the UK water in just a bikini, but this definitely doesn’t mean we don’t travel to such places!

Below I have written a few good positive and negative points on a bunch of surfkinis I have worn, with a few piks so you can see.


This one I tried is cute, I love the bottoms as the they are flattering… however they seem to like to disappear north when wiping out or doing a bottom turn, so remain questionable. The top is also surf questionable, the straps on the top seem to be a little too elastic and so they stretch, again not good for those wipe-outs, and not the most supportive either. The colours however I love!.. Again that is subjective.

Monique Rotteveel

Monique Rotteveel is small brand based out of Costa Rica. I have had quite a few of these bikinis and leggings over the years and have absolutely loved them all. Out of all the bikinis I feel they are the most durable, they are a little thicker than the others but are also reversible. This said, I did actually manage to rip a pair of Monique bottoms when hitting the reef (video below), not that I can recall a great deal, but I think it was a rather large impact. They definitely protected my derriere that’s for sure, my back not so much.

Another plus is that they stay on! Like glue, not budging. The bottoms are not too revealing either, so no wondering north during those wipeouts. The patterns are pretty psychedelic and out there, personally I am a fan!

The only downsides I can think of is that I do get a bit of chaffing under the arm with a couple of the tops, I think that this is potentially because the sides come up a little too high on me; so this may not affect everyone. The other downside of this particular bikini is; there are a lot of straps, so if you are looking for a nice tan, it’s not for you.

Monique leggings are really great, seriously flamboyant patterns and nice fabric. I feel it is a little thick for my liking to surf in but great for yoga, I have a lot of love for these!

Salt Gypsy

I haven’t worn any of their bikinis, I have however had a pair of their leggings. I absolutely love them! They are by far my favourite to surf in! They stick, so no worrying on those bigger days about losing you bikini bottoms; they are stretchy so you don’t feel any resistance, they are absolutely no bother in the water. I don’t seem to get too hot in them at all either like some of the others, they are a good thickness to surf in.

They are really comfy too out of the water and not too vibrant, I definitely spend as much time out of the water in them as I do in, so they are a good travelling companion especially when limited by weight.


I have had one of their bikinis, and I think in all honesty, on the bigger days, it is my go to bikini. The bottoms are not as flattering as other brands, or the colours and prints as vibrant… but they stick! I have had no chaffing, no stretching of straps and no nudist flashing, and It is really comfy to wear! I also like the back of the top, with a single down strap. I feel it is flattering, effective and most importantly… fewer tan lines!!


Dkoko is another brand from Costa Rica, and my most recent bikini acquired. I absolutely love the simplicity of the design of this particular bikini. The patterns are beautiful, bold and girlie, something I wouldn’t usually go for, but so glad I did.

Surfing wise, it was great, no flashing, wedgies, crazy tan lines or chafing. Yet another super comfy bikini.

The only one thing I would mention is that the fabric likes to hold the sand, so if you are surfing somewhere you may get whirled around with the sand, it is probably not the best choice for you. Again, this may simply be because of the aggressive shore dumps I found myself in, along with the thick sticky grained black sand of Costa Rica.


Now Zennor bikinis are not supplied by Seafoam but I thought I would throw it in there, as they do base themselves as a surf bikini brand from the UK.

I brought this bikini a couple of years ago. I was drawn to it by the flattering fit and the mermaid patterns. The fit is indeed cute, however I would in no way feel comfortable surfing in this one. The bottoms have a tendency of either heading north (wedgie land) … or completely south, exposing that not so previously covered up derriere.

The top, again a flattering fit with a cute cross back, has a tendency of rising up if not coming off completely. To surf in, I wouldn’t feel so comfortable in this one, however playing about in the sea and sunbathing, it is my favourite.

I hope this has been of some help to you in choosing your new trusted surfkini! If not, then at least I hope it has got you planning some new tropical surf trips!

The next post is likely to be about my most recent trip to Costa Rica.

Stay tuned.

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