Liam Luke

Professional Ski Instructor &

age group GB Triathlete

 "Frankie, helped me recover from a knee injury. Her massage and structured recovery programme helped me work on my weaknesses in my alignment and strength issues that had result in the injury in the first place.

With her professional structured approach it was easy to understand what needed to be done and how to achieve it. The lessons I learnt have kept me free from injury and that’s amazing after years of knee issues. Thank you for your help and support to getting me ‘fully’ fit again." 


Professional freestyle skier

Olympic gold medallist 2018 

Sarah Hoefflin 

"Frankie helped me to diagnose and treat a shoulder injury i sustained whilst training, she helped me through rehab, and got me back on my skis and competing in no time"


Sponsored freeride skiier & ski instructor 

Sam Brown

"I had treatment with Frankie towards the end of last winter season for a herniated disc in my lower back. Throughout my treatment she was professional and also very understanding of the pain I was experiencing. With her treatment, help and advice I am now fit and healthy and am itching to get back on skis!"